custom carpentry services warsaw, mo

Custom Carpentry Services in Warsaw & Sedalia, MO

Make Your Property Even More Charming


Improve your residential or commercial space with custom carpentry work from Specialty Carpentry & Design. 

Our contractors have the skills and experience needed to enhance your home or office with wood: 


  • Flooring
    • Whether you’re tired of your kids getting stains on the rug, or you just need a new change, we are here to help you with all your flooring needs. Specialty Carpentry & Design has years of experience in floor placement and installation, not only that but we have worked on various floor types including:
      • Bamboo Flooring
      • Sand Tile Flooring
      • Tile Work
      • Wood Flooring
  • Windows
    • Not only will we skillfully craft wooden window frames specifically catered to you and your style, but we will install it for you too!
  • Shingles
    • Don’t do it yourself and butcher it we are skilled in shingle installation and work on various roof structures.
  • Custom designs
    • Customizing your property adds characters and tells a story. Here at Specialty Carpentry & Design we will help you design your ideal furniture and install it!


We’ve been the construction company of choice in the Warsaw, MO area since 1985. We’ll translate your ideas to paper and then get to work bringing your vision to life. 

Why live or work in a home or office that doesn’t reflect your personality? Hire Specialty Carpentry & Design for custom carpentry services.



The carpenters at Specialty Carpentry & Design are committed to making your space look better than ever with custom carpentry.

We design and carry out custom carpentry projects for numerous home and business owners in the Warsaw, Missouri area.

Besides custom carpentry, we also offer new construction, roofing and remodeling services.

Schedule a free estimate with Specialty Carpentry & Design today.